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  • Nexus by Ramez Naam

    Nexus by Ramez Naam

    My review of Nexus by Ramez Naam, a near future cyberpunk novel with strong thriller elements and themes that explores augmentation and transhumanism. If you like science fiction that takes the implications of the technology it introduces seriously and want to spend more time in a non-western setting, then Nexus is really a great choice.…

  • The Myth of Rain by Seanan McGuire

    The Myth of Rain by Seanan McGuire

    Review of The Myth of Rain by Seanan McGuire. The Myth of Rain is a short story about animal conservation in the face of climate change. What do we do when the world is burning.

  • Lock In by John Scalzi

    Lock In by John Scalzi

    Review of Lock In by John Scalzi the first book of the Lock In Series. A near future science fiction thriller.

  • Feed by Mira Grant

    Feed by Mira Grant

    Review of Feed by Mira Grant. Feed is a political near future sci-fi thriller that follows a group of bloggers on the campaign train after the zombie apocalypse. A new normal has been established and people are self isolating in their home.

  • METAtropolis


    Review of the shared world anthology series METAtropolis. The future is changed when the US fall apart into smaller city states and out of those ashes a new SolarPunk world is born. The stories are all about the intersections between technology, climate change, economy and new social structures.

  • Parasite by Mira Grant

    Parasite by Mira Grant

    Review of Parasite by Mira Grant. Parasite is a near future medical thriller set “A decade in the future, humanity thrives in the absence of sickness and disease. We owe our good health to a humble parasite – a genetically engineered tapeworm developed by the pioneering SymboGen Corporation.”