Conventions and con running

I love attending conventions and con running! Here you will find my blogging about conventions and con running, con organizing as well as tips for first time conventions goers. The conventions I talk about here is science fiction, fantasy and horror litterateur conventions which are run by fans rather than book fairs.

I also review books on this site!

Vilde Universer

I am the chair of the local Aarhus based science fiction, horror and fantasy convention: Vilde Universer. An inclusive Danish language convection, fostering community between the fans and professionals.


I am part of the organizing committee of the Danish national science fiction, horror and fantasy convention Fantasticon. Fantasticon was started in 2024 and I have been part of the organization since 2020.

  • Moderator tips for SFF conventions

    Moderator tips for SFF conventions

    Being a moderator for the first time can be daunting, so here are some tips for being a successful moderator. NB: This post is in Danish

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  • Con running roadmap

    Con running roadmap

    If you are planning to run a SFF convention con running roadmap with a time table and tips for the convention organization process. NB: this post is in Danish

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  • Con Jargon

    Con Jargon

    When it is your first convention you might notice a lot of jargon being thrown around. This is my handy guide to Con Jargon. Thank you Fia Svenson for helping putting this list together.

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  • Con Survival Guide

    Con Survival Guide

    If you are going to your first convention it can be hard to know what to pack and what to expect, so I have put together a small Con Survival Guide. I have gone to science fiction and fantasy book conventions since 2015. Find a tips for how to have an enjoyable first convention.

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  • Becoming an outsider

    Becoming an outsider

    When we experience exclusion we we might self exclude ourself and stop trying to be a part of the group – choose the identity of the outsider. That means rejecting the social norms of the dominant group for good and for ill. Let’s think about exclusion and bullying for a bit.

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Sidsel Pedersen: Fan & Convention Organizer

I have been going to conventions since 2015 and my first convention was Eastercon in Heathrow, UK. I started the local convention Vilde Universer in 2019 with an amazing group of people. In 2020 I joined the organizing committee of Fantasticon. I have been on programing for convention multiple times talking about history, historical cooking and origami as well as podcasts, hopepunk and more.

I love conventions and con running because of the community between readers and writers you find at these events. You meet friends for life here and get to geek out about new and old books. It’s just amazing.

Bio: Sidsel N. Pedersen

Danish fan and conversation organiser. History and social studies teacher with an interest in historical cooking and historical dress, social history and origami. Sidsel also adores cozy fantasy, hopepunk and spicy genre fiction.