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  • Moderator tips for SFF conventions

    Moderator tips for SFF conventions

    Being a moderator for the first time can be daunting, so here are some tips for being a successful moderator. NB: This post is in Danish

  • Con running roadmap

    Con running roadmap

    If you are planning to run a SFF convention con running roadmap with a time table and tips for the convention organization process. NB: this post is in Danish

  • Con Jargon

    Con Jargon

    When it is your first convention you might notice a lot of jargon being thrown around. This is my handy guide to Con Jargon. Thank you Fia Svenson for helping putting this list together.

  • Con Survival Guide

    Con Survival Guide

    If you are going to your first convention it can be hard to know what to pack and what to expect, so I have put together a small Con Survival Guide. I have gone to science fiction and fantasy book conventions since 2015. Find a tips for how to have an enjoyable first convention.

  • Becoming an outsider

    Becoming an outsider

    When we experience exclusion we we might self exclude ourself and stop trying to be a part of the group – choose the identity of the outsider. That means rejecting the social norms of the dominant group for good and for ill. Let’s think about exclusion and bullying for a bit.