Paranormal Romance recommendations for adults

6 Paranormal Romance recommendations for adults

When looking for paranormal romance recommendations, a lot of it is aimed at teenagers and if I have to read another book about teenagers mooning over each other, that book gets to sail through the room. Instead I have found some good paranormal romance recommendations for adults!

To me paranormal romance is mostly book candy. It is something I read to be entertained not something I read because it is really good or deep or anything like that.

When I read paranormal romance I want something that is entertaining, has a good romance plot and that makes me feel. I don’t mind crying all over my books in this genre. I love supernatural creatures in my romance and the interesting dynamics that adds to the soup. I also like steaming hot sex scenes in my books, though isn’t a requirement. The books I’m including are set in the present day, so I will not include gothic romances, though those can be fun as well. Ok enough bable, let’s get to the paranormal romance recommendations.

The recommendations are ordered by spice level

Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

Series: Georgina Kincaid • Setting: Seattle
Keywords: Succubus, vampire, angel, demon, books
Georgina is a bookstore clerk and a succubus. Succubus Blues has a lot of book love in it. It is a fun and light read. There is a big romance plot – it is the biggest plot of the series. The series is quite entertaining quick reads. They are quite dark in places and there is surprisingly little sex for a succubus book. There is a cool society of angels and demons in Seattle and lots of fun banter. I read all 6 book in the span of a month – they are page turners.

If you however want succubus sex, watch Lost Girl .

Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs by Molly Harper

Series: Jane Jameson • Setting: American South, small town
Keywords: Vampire, werewolf, comedy
This is something more light-hearted and fun. It is a romantic comedy with vampires and a crazy mundane family who has to come to terms with their daughter being a vampire who is dating a vampire. The protagonist is your typical rom-com protagonist but she is also a book lover so that is a huge plus. The book is sweet and funny and I giggled loud enough for my boyfriend to give me funny looks.

 Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs by Molly Harper

 Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

Series: Weather Warden • Setting: The United States of America
Keywords: Magic, djinn, weather, road trip
This is road trip book. Our female protagonist, Joanne Baldwin, is strong and capable and is part of an agency that control the weather and natural disasters. She and her djinn are on the run across the US. There is a big conspiracy and a big romance which are the anchors of the plot. There are some steamy sex scenes as well with the djinn which I think is the only time I have seen that.

 Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Series: Sookie Stackhouse • Setting:  Louisiana, USA
Keywords: Vampire, fay, wereanimals, smut
If you have watched True Blood, read the books, they are a lot better – especially the first seven or eight books. I loved Sookie as a character. I liked that she didn’t let herself be pushed around by her way more powerful boyfriends – she does not take crap from anybody. She might be a bit weepy at times, but she goes through some horrible freaking crap. The sex scenes are spicy and steamy hot and so are the men. All the men, because wow are there are a lot of men in Sookie’s life once the series gets going. I like that it don’t mostly isn’t a love triangle but rather a series of boyfriends. I love that she gets to have more than one by the way. Her love life is messy and crazy and it is so entertaining.

 Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton

Series: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter • Setting: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Keywords: Mystery, vampires, werewolfs, erotica, BDSM, polyamory
Anita Blake is able to raise the dead and animate them for a short time. She mostly does this to settle people’s insurance claims. She also becomes a consultant for the police in a number of murder cases. She is also part time a vampire hunter at times. Book 1-5 is more urban fantasy than paranormal romance, but from book 6 the series goes from paranormal romance into paranormal erotica. In the later books Anita is in a polyamorous BDSM There are more than 20 books in the series, so you have something to dig into.relationship with a lot of different supernaturals.

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

Series: Psy-Changeling • Setting: Near future The United States of America
Keywords:  Psychics, shifters, erotica, science fiction
This series is something as unusual as sci-fi paranormal romance. The book has steaming hot werewolf and a woman learning to feel emotions after a life of medically suppressed emotions – think Equilibrium. It is very much a erotica book but one with a pretty cool plot and some great interactions. It has a horrible name and a bad cover, but is actually quite entertaining and it definitely had some great smut.

A strange thing about looking for paranormal romance recommendations is that I feel that I have read way more of it than I actually have. It might be because so much of it is very long series or because it has been talked about so much, but when I look at my Goodreads account, these 6 series are the ones I want to recommend. I have also read Twilight and House of Night, but I don’t want to recommend either (they are just not very good) and they are both YA, so they don’t fit the theme here either.

This review was originally posted: January 28, 2014. Updated and edited July 2, 2023





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